Now where was I?

In February of this year of our Lord 2016 we, my wife Carmel and I visited Merida in Yucatan for the first time! Our first trip to Yucatan was in 2008 where we stayed for a week in an all inclusive resort. Not having had this type of holiday before I was blown away by the kindness and warmth of the people, the extraordinary food and the wonderful atmosphere we experienced. The only downside was the pressure brought upon us during a session about timeshares. Fortunately we didn’t succumb but it did warrant further research. So while we enjoyed the holiday and it was a treat for our 25th anniversary I felt we should look closer at the timeshare idea.. 

  So while reading about time shares I discovered the pitfalls outweighed any investment after reading so many of the horror stories of many hapless purchasers. Lost points, shared headaches and service contracts not worth the blotting paper they are written on. Oh I have heard of great ones, but I realised that spending $X on a place we could only go to when our “time” was available. Too much havoc for me! I’m a simple guy and I like to leave whenever but my lovely wife reins me in and plans our vacations a bit more thoroughly, fortunately! Just don’t forget to pack a roll of toilet paper when you travel! It is usually the first thing that goes in my case but that is for another story.

   Anyway, I had a back injury in 2009 and while in recovery mode my mind wandered to that part of Mexico called Yucatan and the holiday we had there that was so mind blowing. Initially I started to explore the timeshare arrangement but then I discovered that it was possible to actually buy a property for much less than a third of the cost of a timeshare! Of course that was a depressed time in the world due to the economic turn down after the financial debacle of 2008. All the same the very thought of being able to buy a place there became a lot more palatable than the aforementioned timeshare! Of course the more I read the more interested I became of other places in Mexico such as Chapala and Ajijic in the Sierra Madre mountains just south of Guadalajara. We visited there in 2012 for a couple of weeks. We stayed at a bed and breakfast owned my a Texan lady. It was a superb place to stay.

  Anyway I digress, last year we decided to have another go at visiting Yucatan. Carmel’s parents had left the building in the recent past leaving the family in a disfunctional state. Their parents were a force to be reckoned with and they moved house frequently although less so in their later years! I roughly estimated it at about 40 odd times, quite a task with six children in tow!

  So 2016 was the year for us. I was a bit careless really, I hadn’t studied any Spanish other a short class in a rec centre some time ago, but that will change now that we are addicted. There is something about Mexico and especially Merida that draws me in, maybe it’s that “Je ne sait quoi” moment you cannot forget! I can’t explain it but there is, as Joanna puts it; “A Magic made in Mexico”! This trip for us was a kind of rebirth. One that both nourishes and encloses you both at the same time. 

  Now what next you say? Well next year will be another great visit with a few more members in tow, this time we will spend at least a month there and will actually explore the possibility of looking for a holiday home where we can absorb the warmth of the people the food and the sun. It will be a wonderful experience, that I am sure of! We just have to figure out how we can bring our Lab Duff down with us. It will be both terrifying and exciting for him I’m sure? Way to go furball!


About colm54

When people ask me my occupation I usually say I'm a mechanic. I'm not a practicing one but a real one, retired! My practice has been associated with two wheels and three! To keep my mind active I enjoy woodworking, riding motorcycles, taking photographs or travel and walking my dog, Duff. For many years I have been supporting a motorcycle website in a supporting role as a mechanic. I guide uncertain hands with words and often by remote control not unlike a puppeteer to solve an errant problem with the experience of having been there before but at another time and place!
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2 Responses to Now where was I?

  1. daehder says:

    Just wanted to say loads of folks bring their pets here with them and living in the Yucatan is incredibly easy. Merida is fantastic but HOT does not begin to describe it during certain months. There are loads and loads of expats though that have beach houses (which can still be purchased for well under 100k US) and a small rental pad in Merida for less than $300 US a month. The options here are awesome.

    • colm54 says:

      I don’t think I would stay there full time but I agree MERIDA is fantastic and I would love to spend a lot more time there. I would like to buy a little piece of paradise but not on the beach, the constant sand movement and sea spray would mess my glasses too much!

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