Musings for the bewildered..

When I was dating my girlfriend, now my wife, I had a red beard. My Grandfather and his eldest son and one daughter were all redheads as are three of my cousins but my mother and other sisters were all raven haired. My Mother’s maiden name was Meadbh Ní Fhionnghaill (Maeve McGinley. In Irish Maeve is spelt Meadb. The “b” has a builte, an accent, a dot on the round part of the b! The “d” is silent and sounds like Maeve) in English, daughter of the fair haired warrior. That was my Grandfather’s preferred translation anyway!

My wife’s youngest brother, Edward, called me Captain Redbeard and still does even though he is 44 now and sports a grey one! Our two sons have dark hair but the youngest has a sprinkling of red in his beard.

I’m fond of cryptic crosswords and reading Daehder’s post on Uxmal reminded me of this!


About colm54

When people ask me my occupation I usually say I'm a mechanic. I'm not a practicing one but a real one, retired! My practice has been associated with two wheels and three! To keep my mind active I enjoy woodworking, riding motorcycles, taking photographs or travel and walking my dog, Duff. For many years I have been supporting a motorcycle website in a supporting role as a mechanic. I guide uncertain hands with words and often by remote control not unlike a puppeteer to solve an errant problem with the experience of having been there before but at another time and place!
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2 Responses to Musings for the bewildered..

  1. daehder says:

    LOL so glad you caught the redhead thing. I too am Irish by way of Coleraine in the North and am married to a Dubliner and am obviously a redhead. We have 3 sons, two of which look like the Irish Notre Dame symbol…poor buggers and the last one denies his redhead status but won’t stay in the sun for more than a second or two.

    • colm54 says:

      My wife, is from Donaghadee and I am from Dublin. We went there earlier this year to see her aunt who still lives there. She hadn’t seen her in over thirty years. Now a spirited 90 plus years old she is still zooming around painting her house before we arrived.

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